Exclusive interview with Dr. Schneider


We visited the developer and namesake of the Dr. Schneider product range in Switzerland.

It's apparent from your accent that you weren't born and bred in Switzerland – where do you come from originally?

Yes, that's right. I've lived in Switzerland for more than 13 years but I was born in 1972 in Munich. A child of the Olympics, you could say. I spent a large part of my youth there and am often in Munich even today.

We would like to hear about how you got into natural science and how you ended up working on the themes of beauty and health today.

As the son of a professor for physical chemistry, my interest in science was instilled in the crib. I recognised early on the importance of food compounds for the human body and decided to study food chemistry at the Technical University in Munich and the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Your studies culminated in a doctorate in food chemistry. What is your doctor title exactly?
The title is "Dr. rer.nat.", which means that I'm a doctor of natural sciences – doctor rerum naturalium. I wrote my doctoral thesis on the special degradation pathways of folic acid, one of the most important vitamins for expectant mothers, and the impact of sugar degradation products on the human body.

How did you eventually wind up in dietary supplements?

After various stations in the life-sciences area in Germany, I joined one of the world's largest contract manufacturers for the healthcare industry (medicines and dietary supplements) in Switzerland. First, I spent several years there in research and development and then was involved in consultancy for leading, globally-active companies in the development of new products and the use of new raw materials. During this time, I got around quite a bit. I provided support to clients from Australia to the USA in developing the right products, and visited international trade shows and gave presentations.

During that time, you developed over a thousand products. What have you taken with you from that time and what motivated you to develop your own line of products?

My goal is to offer innovative products to guarantee a needs-based supply of nutrients in everyday life. My formulas were developed to aid health and promote inherent beauty. Every cell of our body must be provided with the right nutrients in the required amounts in order to bring balance to the body – just like a car needs petrol and oil – if not enough or the wrong fuel is provided, the motor starts to sputter and to rust – the same happens with us. It isn't easy to provide the body with the right nutrients in the amount it needs but we have to understand that we have to lay the basis early in life for old age. We should incorporate dietary supplements every day into our daily routine in order to be healthy and happy every day and increase our inner and outer beauty.

You vouch for the products with your own name. What is important to you in the development of the products?

I've been involved intensively with the composition and the scientific findings and study results on new nutrients for more than 20 years and place particular importance on the "needs-based" use of the ingredients.
"More is better" is wrong in my opinion and dangerous use in the case of substances that can have an effect on our internal balance can also swing the pendulum in the other direction. Unfortunately many companies have in the past marketed low-quality products that were completely overdosed or contained uncontrolled, bad quality raw materials. This led to the uncertainty of consumers and a bad image for dietary supplements. That's where I want to step in and have developed with the Dr. Schneider range exclusive products that provide needs-based nutrients in the highest quality to make every day a little healthier and more beautiful.

What do you do when you're not developing new products or broadcasting on QVC?
I love nature and try to spend as much time as possible outdoors with my girlfriend and friends. Best of all in the mountains or at the sea. And always plenty of action, whether hiking, golfing, snowboarding or kitesurfing. Nature helps you unwind and re-energise. And my friends make me laugh, which is said to be the best medicine there is.